Teenager Hits Tesla From Behind, Sustains $50,000 Damages

Electric Vehicle (EV) News » Teenager Hits Tesla From Behind, Sustains $50,000 Damages

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We see reckless driving on a daily basis and this is a perfect incident to showcase the perils of doing that.

In a shocking video, a teenager hits a Tesla from behind and ends up causing damages worth over US$50,000. This is simply insane. The vehicle in question is a Model 3 Performance. Now, Tesla makes some of the safest cars in the world. That has been proven in multiple instances in the past. The only issue that has cropped up from time to time is the Autopilot malfunction that caused an undesired acceleration in some cases causing terrible accidents. Nevertheless, those cases are scarce.

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Teenager Hits Tesla Causing Huge Damages

The video has been uploaded by Wham Baam Teslacam on YouTube. This video features a list of accidents captured by the dashcams of vehicles. There is a list of 20 such unfortunate cases. The very first one is that of a Tesla Model 3 Performance. It is reported from Panama City in Florida, USA. As per the details in the video, a couple had gone to watch the new Avatar movie. The couple was returning home late at night after the movie when they approached a traffic light.

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Moments after they stop at the light, there is a huge collision from behind making the Tesla do a 180-degree turn due to the sheer force. After the investigation, it was found that there was a teenage girl with her friends who was driving the other car. It was a clear case of misjudgment on her part and she ended up hitting the Tesla from the side with a huge force. Thankfully, everyone survived this crash although the woman in Tesla suffered some serious injuries on her thigh.

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Repair Costs

After the preliminary inspection, it was said that the repair cost would be around US$15,000 because the impact was strong and the side and rear sections have been heavily damaged. However, after the full inspection, this number rose to an unbelievable US$50,000. That is when Tesla was deemed a total loss. In any case, the duo was happy that they were able to survive the crash altogether since the impact was such forceful.

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