YouTuber Tries To Stop A Moving Scooty With Feet

In a bid to create entertaining content on social media, YouTubers come up with unique experiments.

In this video, a popular YouTuber tries to stop a moving scooty with his shoes. Before we begin, we must caution our readers to NOT imitate what is being done in the video. This can easily turn perilous within seconds, especially if you plan to attempt this on an actual busy highway. You must understand that these YouTubers take a lot of precautions behind the camera to ensure safety. Therefore, we urge you to not try and mimic them. Let us get into the details of this video.

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YouTuber Tries To Stop Scooty With His Shoes

The video has been created and uploaded by FWS – FunWithScience on YouTube. They keep performing intriguing experiments based on scientific knowledge and present them using entertaining methods. In this way, people can learn something in a fun way. In this particular case, YouTuber is inspired by a viral video from another popular YouTuber Ashish Chanchalani where he stops a scooty using his shoes. However, he does it in a way so as to showcase the difference between applying brakes and using his shoes to stop the scooter.

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He decides to ride the scooty at 20 km/h, 40 km/h, 60 km/h and 80 km/h to get an idea of braking at various speeds. On the first attempt, he maintains the aforementioned speeds and suddenly releases the accelerator to see how long will it take for the scooter to come to a standstill on its own. It takes approx 50 m, 110 m, 180 m and 260 m respectively before the scooty stops. In the second attempt, he uses the brake pedal for these scenarios. The results were 3 m, 9.5 m, 23 m and 60 m respectively.

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Takes a Toll on Shoes

To show the difference between all these scenarios, he does the same experiment and tries to stop the scooty using his shoes. For this round, the results were approximately 11 m, 50 m, 96 m and 154 m respectively. This video shows that using the shoes provides some friction that brings the scooter to a stop but the sole of the shoe get worn out. Let us know how you liked this experiment.

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YouTuber Tries to Stop a Moving Scooty using Shoes
YouTuber Tries to Stop a Moving Scooty using Shoes

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