Indian Cricket Stars and Their Cars


List of cars owned by Indian cricket stars

If there is one sport Indians are absolutely crazy about, one which can make almost the entire population drop whatever they are doing and make them sit for hours in front of a TV screen, it’s cricket. It’s all about the passion, dedication, commitment and, of course, money. Lots of it. Cricketers make a lot of money from match fees, IPL, endorsements, etc., all of which gives them the ability to splurge on some really expensive cars. From BMWs to Hummers to Lamborghinis, you will find some very exquisite machinery in Indian cricket players’ garages. While you were busy watching them make the country proud in the World Cup, we managed to dig up info on what some of India’s top cricketers are driving these days. Check out the cars of Indian cricketers here on this page.

cars of indian cricketers

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List of Cars of Indian Cricketers


The only player in the world who has two ODI double centuries to his name, Rohit Sharma, drives around in a BMW M5. Might not sound that fancy, but it is hugely practical considering you get the space of a full size luxury sedan in a car that has 560bhp of power and can hit a 100kmph in around 3.7 seconds. Apparently, even Sachin Tendulkar and Yuvraj Singh have one.

  • Price: INR 1.39 crores
  • Engine: 4.4 litre twin-turbo V8
  • Power & Torque: 560bhp & 680Nm

cars of indian cricketers

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Spinner Harbhajan Singh who played in the Indian Premier League for Mumbai Indians reportedly drives around in a Hummer H2. The mammoth SUV by, now defunct, Hummer has appeared in many bollywood movies and is quite popular with celebrities in India. Indian skipper M.S. Dhoni owns one too.

  • Price: INR 75 lakhs (estimated including import duties)
  • Engine: 6.0 litre V8
  • Power & Torque: 393bhp & 563Nm

cars of indian cricketers


Indian Cricket team regular Suresh Raina drives around in a Porsche Boxster that he bought a couple of years back. The bright yellow colour of the Boxster seems apt since he plays for Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League. Interestingly, he got it flown into Chennai during the IPL season so he could drive around in it. Rumours of him putting the car up for sale have been doing rounds and it will be interesting to see what his next big purchase is.

  • Price: INR 1.02 crores (new)
  • Engine: 2.7 litre flat-6
  • Power & Torque: 315bhp & 360Nm

cars of indian cricketers Suresh Raina Porsche Boxster


2011 ICC Cricket World Cup Player of the Tournament winner Yuvraj Singh has an extensive car collection. The stand out car among that is the Lamborghini Murciélago. Playing for the Delhi Daredevils this IPL season, he has been spotted driving the supercar at Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida. His other car is a previous gen BMW M5.

  • Price: NA (discontinued)
  • Engine: 6.5 litre V12
  • Power & Torque: 631bhp & 660Nm

cars of indian cricketers Lamborghini Murcielago Yuvraj Singh


Hotshot cricketer Virat Kohli, who is one of India’s top batsmen currently loves has an impressive car collection that includes an Audi Q7, Audi S6 and more. However, the meanest machine in his garage right now is the Audi R8 V10. The Royal Challengers Bangalore player has been spotted numerous times in Delhi driving around in his white supercar. Like Yuvraj Singh, even he took it to the Buddh International Circuit for a track day.

  • Price: INR 2 crores (new)
  • Engine: 5.2 litre V10
  • Power & Torque: 517bhp & 530Nm

cars of indian cricketers Audi R8 V10 Virat Kohli


Everyone is well aware of the Indian skipper’s fondness for fancy motorcycles and he does have a very impressive collection and even though this article is about cars, the Hellcat deserves a special mention. His car collection, though not as impressive, consists of a Hummer H2, Audi Q7 and many more. This most interesting of the lot is the GMC Sierra, a big, hulking pickup truck imported from the USA. Most people would ask why he purchased one to which we would reply, ‘why not?’. Plus, it’s interesting to see that he doesn’t just buy run of the mill rich people cars.

  • Price: INR 35-40 lakhs (including import duties)
  • Engine: 6.6 litre V8
  • Power & Torque: 400bhp & 1,036Nm

GMC-Sierra-MS Dhoni

There were also rumours of him being gifted a special edition Ferrari 599 GTO India for the World Cup win. These rumours were fueled by a picture of the said car doing the rounds complete with the Indian Tri-Colour on the bonnet, but it turns out the car belonged to a wealthy Indian gentleman living in the middle east.

cars of indian cricketers ferrari-599-gto-india-edition.jpg


Sachin Tendulkar’s cars never fail to create a buzz. First it was the Ferrari 360 Modena, which he sold off a few years back. This time, it’s the Nissan GT-R, finished in red with a Wald body kit ensuring it stands out from the crowd. Well, a standard GT-R would still stand out considering there aren’t many in India, but this body kit makes it very unique. The GT-R puts out around 550bhp of power and can do a 0-100kmph in 2.9 seconds! Other cars in the Master Blaster’s collection including a BMW M5 and BMW M6 Gran Coupe. Not surprising since he is BMW’s brand ambassador in India.

  • Price: INR 1.2 crores (with import duties)
  • Engine: Twin-turbo V6
  • Power & Torque: 550bhp & 612Nm

cars of indian cricketers Sachin Tendulkar Nissan GT-R

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