Anand Mahindra Frustrated Over Electric Scooter Getting Fined for No PUC

The electric vehicle industry, it seems, has to tackle even more grievous challenges than just the charging infrastructure.

In the latest tweet by Anand Mahindra, he is evidently frustrated by a challan of an electric scooter for not having the PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate. Mahindra is famous for being a candid social media personality who keeps himself updated with the latest happening in the country. People appreciate his hilarious and witty tweets making him one of the most-followed Indian Businessmen on Twitter. He has over 9 million followers. Let us check out what he said in his latest tweet.

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Anand Mahindra Tweets About Electric Scooter Challan

This incident took place in Kerala. The owner of the electric scooter shared the image of the receipt of the challan. Funnily enough, a traffic police official issued a challan in the name of the EV owner for not having the PUC certificate. Now, anyone even remotely familiar with EVs must know that these vehicles don’t produce tailpipe emissions. As a result, they don’t need any PUC certificate. That is the reason why the industry is heading toward electrification in the first place.

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After the EV owner posted the image of the scooter and challan receipt of Rs 250 on Twitter, the netizens went into a frenzy. People couldn’t believe that the authorities could be this ignorant and ill-informed. To this Anand Mahindra tweeted, “And you thought the biggest challenge to going electric was charging infrastructure?” It highlights his frustration and it is something that a lot of others also feel. The mass adoption of EVs could be severely hampered if such incidents persist.

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Our government is trying hard to offer a ton of incentives so that people get excited about buying electric cars. EVs look like the only way to ensure sustainable future mobility causing the least amount of damage to the environment. Almost all the major carmakers in the world are focussing on EVs. They have invested heavily in the technology. We see them coming up with new models at the present while revealing their future plans on becoming carbon neutral within this decade. What are your thoughts on this?

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Anand Mahindra Tweet About Electric Scooter Challan
Anand Mahindra Tweet About Electric Scooter Challan

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