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Audi A6 vs Mercedes E-Class – Specifications Comparison!

We put the specs of the Audi A6 vs Mercedes Benz E-Class to see which of these two executive sedans in India come out better than the other on paper.

Audi launched the 2020 A6 in India last week. It comes with fresh new styling, completely new interiors but gets the option of just one petrol engine. In India, the Audi A6 competes against the likes of the Mercedes E-Class and the BMM 5-series. Here we are taking a closer look on how the Audi A6 vs Mercedes E-Class compare against each other on paper.

Audi A6 vs Mercedes E-Class
Audi A6 vs Mercedes E-Class

Audi A6 vs Mercedes E-Class – Specifications Comparison

ModelAudi A6Mercedes E-Class
Engine 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder, turbocharged petrol engine 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder, turbocharged petrol/diesel engine, 3.0-litre, V6, diesel engine
Power241 bhp194 bhp / 197 bhp / 255 bhp
Torque370 Nm320 Nm / 400 Nm / 620 Nm
Transmission7-speed automatic gearbox.  9-speed automatic gearbox

Under the hood, both cars are vastly different. The Audi A6 gets a sole 2.0 liter, four cylinder petrol engine in the 45 TFSI trim that churns out 241 bhp and 370 Nm of peak torque. The engine comes mated to a 7-speed automatic gearbox. Comparing the petrol engines of both the cars, the Mercedes E-Class with its petrol engine in the E 200 trim falls short of numbers by quite a margin. Both engines have exactly similar configuration but the Mercedes engine produces way less power and torque.

Where the Mercedes really has the upper hand is with its greater engine options. Mercedes has two more diesel engines up its sleeve. There’s a 2.0 liter diesel engine in the E 200 D which produces similar similar power figures to the petrol engine but gets considerable more torque. But then there’s the 3.0 liter diesel engine in the E 350 D which produces more power than the petrol engine in the A6 and also has massive 620Nm of peak torque.

It has been seen that diesel engines are favored more than petrol engines in this segment. However, the Mercedes E 350 D with the 3.0 liter diesel engine is quite more expensive than the single trim of the A6. Another distinction between they two cars is that the Mercedes gets 9-speed automatic gearbox for all its engines whereas the Audi gets a 7-speed automatic gearbox. Also, the E-Class is a rear wheel drive car whereas the A6 is a front wheel drive car.

All-new Audi A6
All-new Audi A6

Audi A6 vs Mercedes E-Class – Dimensions

DimensionsAudi A6Mercedes Benz E-Class
Length4,940 mm5,063 mm
Width1,886 mm1,860 mm
Height1,457 mm1,494 mm
Wheelbase2,924 mm3,079 mm
Kerb Weight 1780 Kg 1720 Kg / 1915 kg

Comparing the dimensions of both the cars, the Mercedes E-Class is certainly longer of the two. It has to kept in mind that the E-Class is offered in India in its longwheelbase version only and thus naturally, it also has a longer wheelbase than the Audi A6. If you are buying such a car, you sure would appreciate the extra space.

However, the A6 is wider by a small margin which means you get a little more width inside the cabin than in the E-Class. The Mercedes is also taller of the two. Comparing the kerb weight of both cars, the Mercedes is lighter with its petrol engines but heavier with the diesel ones. But if we are talking about presence, the long and elegant profile of the Mercedes sure catches more eyes than that of the A6.

Mercedes E-Class
Mercedes E-Class

Exterior Styling

The two brands have very different approaches with respect to design. The Audi is characterized by sharp lines and a very neat profile. The design is clean, yet sophisticated. The face is dominated by a huge hexagonal grille that occupies almost the entire front fascia. The LED headlamps are slimmer than before and with their signature details, they are sure to grab your eyeballs. The A6 perhaps looks the best from the rear end. The smart detailing on the LED taillamps joined by a band of chrome and well sculpted bumper finish off the look. Quite business like.

The Mercedes E-Class on the other hand boasts of a much more curvaceous design language. The design is very stately which is largely helped by its large dimensions. It gets the signature Mercedes LED brows in the headlight and a two-slat grille with the Mercedes logo. The long profile with thick chrome surrounds on the window line exude luxury and the rear end brings all of it together in a very simple, yet elegant closure. The simplicity of the design gives the E-Class an amazing royalty.

Audi A6 interiors
Audi A6 interiors

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Interiors and Features

Moving inside the cabin, both cars are equally polarizing here as well. The Audi is dominated by a plethora of screens. The dashboard houses the main infotainment screen and another down below for the climate controls and other vehicle settings. Furthermore, there’s Audi virtual cockpit in the instrument cluster. The dashboard gets its fair share of wood panels, piano black trim and soft-touch surfaces with leather and while its all well laid out, we think that there’s too many screens for even the most simplest functions and that can be distraction while driving.

The Mercedes E-Class on the other hand seems much more classy and sophisticated than the Audi. It gets the dual 12.3 inch screens for the infotainment system and instrument cluster but isn’t congested with unnecessary screens. The center console flows down beautifully and even houses some physical buttons along with rotary knob for the MBUX system. The E-Class also comes draped in leather, wood and metal finished surfaces and in our opinion, we like the cabin of the E-Class more. More cars are at par with each other in terms of features, but the Audi might have a slight edge as its clearly technology oriented.

Mercedes E-Class interiors
Mercedes E-Class interiors

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Audi A6 vs Mercedes E-Class Pricing

ModelAudi A6Mercedes Benz E-Class
Pricing Rs 54.20 lakh – Rs 59.20 lakh. Rs. 57.50 lakh – Rs. 73.60 lakh 

In terms of pricing, both cars have near about the same starting price, although the Mercedes is still slightly more expensive than the Audi. However, owing to a wider number of engine options, the top-spec E-Class with the V6 diesel engine has a price of a whopping Rs. 73.60 lakhs. That’s way more than where the top-spec Audi A6 ends. Comparing just the petrol engines of both the cars though, the Audi is clealrly the better value for money becuae it packs in much more performance and is slightly more feature rich than the Mercedes. If you really want a diesel engine, then Audi has nothing to offer in this space.