Car Lifters Sell 30 Toyota Fortuner SUVs for Rs 4 Lakh Each, Nabbed

Car News » Car Lifters Sell 30 Toyota Fortuner SUVs for Rs 4 Lakh Each, Nabbed

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  • Delhi Police arrested the 3 accused.
  • They used to sell Toyota Fortuner SUVs for Rs 4 lakh each from West and North West Delhi.
  • Police set a trap for 15 hours to catch the thieves red-handed.

in a shocking incident, Delhi Police arrested a car lifter who sells Toyota Fortuner SUVs after stealing them from the posh areas. Fortuner, in its latest iteration, has an ex-showroom price of around Rs 50 lakh in the top trim. It is the most popular SUV in its segment. Hence, the demand for the SUV is quite high in almost any part of the country. This makes it easy for car lifters to sell them off as used cars anywhere. Let us check out the details of this case here.

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Car Lifter Sells 30 Fortuner SUVs

This news report has been covered by Punjab Kesari TV and posted on their YouTube channel. The visuals show the Police with the 3 accused. As per the information in the video, the group was active in the West and North West parts of Delhi. They used to steal just Fortuners. The Police said that they recovered the entire kit from these thieves with the help of which they were able to steal these SUVs easily. This includes devices to create a vacuum to remove the glass.

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Moreover, they also had jammers to prevent the car’s anti-theft system to make alarming sounds. This is a perfect case to show how such miscreants use technology to perform mischievous activities. This reflects them being not just your average street thieves but a rather sophisticated group. After getting complaints about the stolen SUVs, the Police set a trap and waited 15 hours at the place where the stolen SUV was parked.

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The car lifters had changed the number plate. One of the accused arrived at the spot in an Ola. That is when the Police nabbed him. Seeing this, the Ola driver drove away from the scene. The police smelled foul play and chased him as well. After arresting them, they told the Police about the third culprit too. All these accused are seen in Police custody in the video. They used to sell the Fortuners for Rs 4 lakh each and had sold over 30 cars already. Do share your thoughts regarding this incident.

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Car Lifter Sells 30 Toyota Fortuner SUVs
Car Lifter Sells 30 Toyota Fortuner SUVs

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