DC Modified Mercedes S Class Found Rotting in Delhi

DC is known for experimenting with cars from all segments and this modified Mercedes S-Class looks like one of their projects that went south.

A modified Mercedes S-Class by DC Design was found rotting on the side of the road in Delhi. Now, DC has designed a plethora of weird and atrocious models but that can’t be the reason for people just leaving them on the side of the roads. Cases like these also point toward the importance of the Scrappage Policy needed to clean such models from our roads and recycle them into new products. Let us check out the details of this model here.

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DC Modified Mercedes Rotting In Delhi

This S-Class comes from the generation of the W126 from the 1990s. DC came up with this modified version which is completely distinguished from the S-Class. The front features a massive grille much similar to ones seen in Mercedes models today, but the projector headlamp housing is quite distinct. In addition to that, the front bumper has been made to give the sedan a wide-body appearance seen in racing cars. The wide-body concept continues on the side fenders as well. On the side, the sloping roofline is designed quite beautifully with the roofline meeting the boot neatly.

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Moreover, there is a silver air-duct just behind the side fender, which may or may not be functional. The tail section carries on the funky and weird theme from the front. The taillamps visible in this video clip are something that one might expect from a DC-designed vehicle. In addition to that, there is a huge silver component in the middle of the bumper which looks like an extended skid plate. It has funky alloy wheels which are white-silver in texture and have low-profile tyres befitting a performance luxury saloon like the S-Class. The condition of the car from the outside and inside is pretty terrible.

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DC Modified Mercedes Rotting
DC Modified Mercedes S-Class Rotting in Delhi

Now, there are hundreds of such cars abandoned on the streets of big cities. People often cite the reason as expensive repair costs. That could be true since most of these modified cars have customised components and spare parts. Once these get broken, it is extremely expensive to import them. Moreover, a few years ago, this process was difficult and expensive. Nowadays, things have become much easier and people could import parts at more affordable prices and get their cars fixed in the aftermarket.

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