Honda City Tops The Executive Sedan Sales For April 2021 – What About Verna, Ciaz, Rapid And More?

The executive sedan segment has seen some positive growth on a month-on-month basis in our market. While the SUVs have been taking control of the entire market, there is still strong resistance from the erstwhile crowd favourite, the executive sedan segment. This is represented through the sales report of the executive sedans for the month of April, where over 8,500 units were sold across the segment. Comparing this figure to March, where over 7,100 units were sold, indicates a respectable 20% increase in sales month-on-month. Let us take a look at how each of the individual sedans performed in this segment.

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Executive Sedans

Honda City – > 3,100 Units

March 2021 was a month to forget for Honda City lovers out there. Due to a shortage of semi-conductors, the overall sales of the Honda saw a substantial decline. In March, Honda sold a mere 815 units of City, which is almost unheard of. However, the production is now back on track, which can be realized through the sales figure of over 3,100 units in the month of April 2021. This marks an incredible 284% jump in monthly sales.

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Honda City

Hyundai Verna – > 2,500 Units

The other popular executive sedan in our market for a long time, Hyundai Verna, continued its healthy growth trajectory as well. In April this year, Hyundai managed to sell over 2,500 units of the Verna, compared to just over 2,700 units in March. This marks a slight decline in sales of around 8% on a month-on-month basis.

Hyundai Verna

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz – > 1,500 Units

The largest carmaker in the country has a very popular product in this segment in Ciaz. Now, Ciaz has seen some ups and downs in this segment but still is very much in the race of the top 3. In the month of April, Maruti Suzuki managed to sell a little over 1,500 units, compared to about 1,628 units in March. This is a marginal 4% decline in sales month-over-month.

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Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

Skoda Rapid – 848 Units

Skoda Rapid has never sold too many units in our market but has still seen relatively stable sales over the past few months. In March, Skoda sold 903 units in our market compared to just 848 in April, observing a 6% decline in sales. Skoda is planning to bring in the next-gen Rapid which will have a new name and will be based on the MQB A0 IN platform, which has been specifically developed for India. That might change the fortunes of the brand in this segment.

Skoda Rapid

Toyota Yaris – 285 Units

The Toyota Yaris has, unfortunately, never enjoyed huge success in our market. It is even worse in April with a mere 285 units being sold compared to 871 in March 2021. With no updates for the Yaris, the situation is expected to remain the same.

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Toyota Yaris

VW Vento – 170 Units

The German carmaker has also not been selling the Vento too well in India. In March, VW sold just 137 units of the Vento, compared to almost embarrassing 170 units in April this year. Similar to the next-gen Rapid, the Vento is also about to receive a generation change and that might finally enable us to see more of these on our roads in the future.

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VW Vento

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