The new 2017 Maruti Dzire is fairly more modern than the car replaces. The new car offers a longer features list, fresh design and higher mileage figures. With the new Dzire looking all set to repeat the success story of its predecessors, competition should be pretty much worried about drop in sales. While Hyundai has already updated the Xcent, the Honda Amaze, which received a facelift last year, soldiers on unchanged. Which brings us to the question, can the Amaze fend off the heat from the new Dzire? We have decided to compare the new 2017 Maruti Dzire with the Honda Amaze in our comparison post here to find our answers. So read on for new 2017 Maruti Dzire vs Honda Amaze. Also See- Also See- 2017 Maruti Dzire Test Drive Review

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New 2017 Maruti Dzire vs Honda Amaze Price Comparison

2017 Maruti Dzire Honda Amaze
Ex-showroom Price Rs 5.45 Lakh to Rs 9.41 Lakh Rs. 5.6-8.53 lakh

The Honda Amaze is still more expensive than the Maruti Dzire. Spec for spec, the Amaze is more expensive than the Dzire by up to Rs. 50,000. Here’s a detailed Maruti Dzire vs Honda Amaze price comparison.

New Dzire Amaze
LXi Rs. 5.45 lakh E Rs. 5.6 lakh
VXi Rs. 6.29 lakh E Opt Rs. 5.72 lakh
ZXi Rs. 7.05 lakh S Rs. 6.00 lakh
ZXi+ Rs. 7.94 lakh S Opt Rs. 6.50 lakh
VXi AMT Rs. 6.76 lakh SX Rs. 7.11 lakh
ZXi AMT Rs. 7.52 lakh VX Rs. 7.50 lakh
ZXi+ AMT Rs. 8.41 lakh S AT Rs. 7.50 lakh
S Opt AT Rs. 7.62 lakh
VX AT Rs. 8.50 lakh
LDi Rs. 6.45 lakh E Rs. 6.75 lakh
VDi Rs. 7.29 lakh E Opt Rs. 6.87 lakh
ZDi Rs. 8.05 lakh S Rs. 7.63 lakh
ZDi+ Rs. 8.94 lakh S Opt Rs. 7.75 lakh
VDi AMT Rs. 7.76 lakh SX Rs. 8.15 lakh
ZDi AMT Rs. 8.52 lakh VX Rs. 8.53 lakh
ZDi+ AMT Rs. 9.41 lakh

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New 2017 Maruti Dzire vs Honda Amaze Specifications Comparison

New 2017 Maruti Dzire Honda Amaze
Engine Type/ Displacement 1.2 L Petrol, 1.3 L Diesel 1.2 L Petrol, 1.5 L Diesel
Power 83 bhp, 74 bhp 87 bhp, 99 bhp
Torque 115 Nm, 190 Nm 109 Nm, 200 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox) 5-speed manual/5-speed AMT, 5-speed manual/5-speed AMT 5-speed manual/CVT, 5-speed manual
Mileage(claimed) 22 KMPL, 28.4 KMPL 17.8 KMPL/18 KMPL, 25.8 KMPL

On paper, the petrol variants of both the cars are almost equally matched. However, while the Amaze petrol offers an optional CVT, the new Dzire has an AMT for both its petrol and Diesel engine variants. Talking about the Diesels, Honda’s 1.5 iDTEC Diesel mill for the Amaze outclasses Maruti’s Fiat-sourced 1.3 Multijet on paper. In the real world, however, the Honda unit offers poor refinement, high NVH and a lacklustre top-end performance. All this means that the Dzire Diesel has an upper hand over the Amaze Diesel. The Dzire Diesel also offers an optional AMT.

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New 2017 Maruti Dzire vs Honda Amaze Mileage Comparison

New 2017 Maruti Dzire Honda Amaze
Diesel 28.4 KMPL 25.8 KMPL
Petrol 22 KMPL 18 KMPL

The next-gen Dzire, which is lighter, offers higher mileage than the Amaze. In fact, the new Dzire is the most fuel efficient car on sale in India right now.

New 2017 Maruti Dzire vs Honda Amaze Comparison – Dimensions

Dzire Amaze
Length 3995 mm 3990 mm
Width 1735 mm 1680 mm
Height 1515 mm 1505 mm
Wheelbase 2450 mm 2405 mm
Ground Clearance 163 mm 165 mm
Boot Space 378 L 400 L
Fuel tank Capacity 37 L 35 L
Kerb Weight Petrol – 860-895 KG

Diesel – 955-990 KG

Petrol – 955 KG

Diesel – 1065 KG

As can be seen in the table above, the new Dzire is longer and wider than the Amaze. It also boasts a bigger boot and a bigger fuel tank.

New 2017 Maruti Dzire vs Honda Amaze Comparison – Verdict

  • Price – The new Dzire is cheaper than the Amaze. It boasts fresher looks, higher mileage and more features too.
  • Specifications – While on paper, the petrol models are evenly matched, the Dzire could have a slight advantage in real world. Also, in spite of higher power, it is the Fiat-sourced Multijet Diesel engine that is sure to be a clear winner here. The Dzire also offers higher mileage.
  • Features – Dzire offers a longer list of features.
  • Design – While the Amaze looks fairly handsome for a compact sedan, the new Dzire, thanks to the all-new design, should have a higher appeal.

The arrival of the new Dzire will most likely have an adverse effect on the sales of Honda Amaze. We think the Honda Amaze will require an aggressive price cut to reduce the damage from the new Dzire.

What do you think of our new 2017 Maruti Dzire vs Honda Amaze comparison? Do let us know in the comments section below. Stay tuned to Car Blog India as we compare the new model Maruti Dzire 2017 with even more cars.