Ola Electric Cites Rider’s Negligence as Reason for Recent Crash

As per Ola Electric, the S1 Pro was being ridden at a high speed before the rider was thrown off owing to rapid deceleration

Ola S1 Pro has been in the limelight and for all the wrong reasons! The scooter received a lot of flak for catching fire recently, while several other incidents of software glitches has already brought a lot of criticism to the electric scooter. Today, though, we came across an incident that was quick to raise a lot of eyebrows. An S1 Pro scooter has been blamed to have left its young rider severely injured as it allegedly accelerated on its own over a speedbreaker and threw the rider off the vehicle. However, the official statement issued by Ola Electric after investigation paints a totally different picture.

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Ola Responds to Rider’s Claim of Automatic Acceleration Causing Accident

As per the report published by Ola Electric, the incident, which took place in Guwahati, Assam, happened owing to the rider losing control over the scooter after rapid deceleration from a high speed. It may be noted that as per the information about the mishap shared by the rider’s father, his son’s scooter accelerated automatically instead of decelerating, which caught the rider unaware and threw him off the vehicle. However, the graph presented by the company shows that the S1 Pro was used at high speeds on multiple occasions before the crash took place. The data shows that the scooter’s 3 brakes (front, rear and regen) were applied under panic braking, which might have resulted into a crash owing to loss of control over vehicle. As per the company, there was no technical glitch in the scooter and the mishap seems to have taken place only due to rash riding.

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The rider has been hospitalized with severe injuries. He has received as many as 16 stitches on his right hand while his left hand has suffered from multiple fractures. As per his father, the doctors had to try real hard to save the hand from permanent disability while they are still unsure about the recovery of two fingers. The rider had to be flown to Mumbai from Guwahati owing to the complexities of his injuries. The left hand now has a plate and five wires to aid recovery.

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On April 11, Ola collected the S1 Pro for repairs and to investigate the reason for the malfunction. One Chandan Kumar, an executive at Ola, even called the owner to understand the issue. Earlier today, the company completed the investigation and issued a report on the same.

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