3 Ola S1 Pro Front Suspension Failures Reported in 45 Days

Ola S1 Pro electric scooters have been terribly affected by multiple suspension failures in recent times posing a challenge for people to adopt EVs with conviction.

The front suspension failures in the Ola S1 Pro are becoming increasingly common with 3rd case reported in a mere 45 days. Ola electric had a lot of buzz around it for the longest time. But ever since the deliveries began, there have been quite a few quality and software issues plaguing its image. This is problematic because the electric scooter industry is already reeling under the cases of EVs catching fire. Both these factors combined could push the potential buyers away from EVs altogether.

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Ola Front Suspension Failures
Ola Front Suspension Failure

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Ola Front Suspension Failures

On May 24, 2022, we reported the cases where the front suspension of an Ola S1 Pro broke down while the person was driving at a speed of 45 km/h. Under the application of the brake, the frame of the front suspension of the EV broke. Luckily, no one was injured. Prior to that, on April 15, 2022, another case was reported where the front wheel and the forks came off while the owner was riding the electric scooter. This time too, the person escaped luckily without any injuries. This time around, the images have surfaced where the entire front suspension setup, along with the front wheels have been broken. The scooter is seen lying on the side of the road. Thre is not too much information about the safety of the user.

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It must be understood, that while no one was injured in these cases, it has become a serious issue. Now, people would be not only reluctant to buy an EV due to the fear of quality, but also for the safety aspect. If any automobile is breaking down while driving, one can’t expect people to be okay with that or ignore it. Incidents like these would cause fear in the minds of people who are already not very enthusiastic about EVs.

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ola s1 pro front suspension breaks on the move
This is the second case of the suspension allegedly coming off while the Ola electric scooter was on the move.

We can only hope that a huge player like Ola shifts its focus to ensuring that its EVs are manufactured using the best quality material. If it is able to achieve that, it has the power to persuade people into going electric. But no one will go towards electric vehicles if the safety and quality aspects are not taken care of.

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