How Tata Motors Became World’s 2nd Largest Truck Manufacturer

Tata Motors might well be one of India’s leading carmakers, but the domination that it has in the global commercial vehicle market is still quite underrated and unknown.

This video summarises precisely how Tata Motors is one of the largest truck maker companies in the world. We have known Tata Motors as this passenger car manufacturer over the last few years and how it has grown exponentially during this period. However, in the commercial segment, it has been around for over 5 decades. Its first truck was introduced in the market back in 1954 named Tata Mercedes Benz. The company has not looked back ever since.

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Tata Motors – World’s 2nd Largest Truck Maker

Tata Motors started out as a locomotive company in 1945. In addition to that, it made heavy-duty industrial equipment like dumpers, excavators, steam-powered road rollers, etc. After 1954, it established a few joint ventures with European brands to enter the global market in the truck and commercial vehicle segment. That is the reason which led to Tata Motors operating in over 150 countries today. The most prominent areas where Tata trucks are successful are countries in South Africa, Asia and South-East Asia, parts of Europe and South America.

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What is quite interesting is the dominance it has in the South Korean market where most foreign automobile companies have failed miserably. It is difficult to operate in the Korean market due to its own world-class manufacturers. Recognising that, Tata struck a deal with Daewoo which was a huge name in the commercial vehicle segment in Korea. You might remember it from the Matiz compact hatchback which was sold in India back in the day. With the help of that JV, Tata Motors became the 2nd largest truck maker in South Korea which is quite an impressive feat.

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Tata Motors is now World's 2nd Largest Truck Maker?
How Tata Motors Became The 2nd Largest Truck Company in the world

Finally, the narrator in the video mentions that a few websites list Tata Motors as the world’s 2nd largest truck manufacturer, while others put it somewhere around 4th place. Nevertheless, these facts are still a testament to the global dominance that Tata Motors is unleashing and something that might be overshadowed by the giants of the industry like Daimler, Scania, Volvo etc. Hence, it becomes imperative that we, as Indians, must know about the unparalleled achievements of our companies.

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