Transport Official Openly Displays Vulgarity to Truck Driver

Our roads are filled with shocking incidents on a daily basis but this latest occurrence takes things to a different level.

In a shocking case, a transport official has been found to be displaying vulgarity with a truck driver on a highway. Unfortunately, it is a common phenomenon where a handful of officials assert and abuse their power to harass truck drivers quite often. However, it is unclear from the video whether he is a police official or someone from the RTO. Nevertheless, what he ends up doing in the middle of the road is quite disgusting.

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Transport Official Displays Vulgarity Toward a Truck Driver

The news has been reported by Transport TV. In the video clip, the official is seen unzipping his pant in front of a truck. It looks like the truck driver was asked to stop at a checkpoint. He then proceeds to forcefully open the door of the truck to harass the driver. It is unclear what his reason was. But as far as one could tell, he must’ve wanted some bribe which is a common practice across the country. This particular case has been reported from Rajasthan.

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The driver was able to make a video of the entire incident and didn’t say anything to the official. Everything is clearly recorded in the video clip. This footage should be submitted to the authorities and the official must be held accountable and asked for an explanation for his vulgar gestures. In remote parts of the country, it is quite a common practice for local authorities to take bribes because most of the time, the drivers don’t have the requirements. But such acts make the entire system corrupt which is not great.

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Transport Official Displays Vulgarity With A Truck Driver On Road
Transport Official Displays Vulgarity With A Truck Driver On Road

Finally, we could only hope that such actions and malpractices would come to an end so that the entire system and the government departments could become transparent. Until then, there should be an appropriate punishment for this disgusting act from the official based on this video clip.

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