Vlogger Reveals Cost of 2015 Audi Q5 in Dubai – Costlier than India?

In this video, an Indian vlogger compares the cost of Audi Q5 in Dubai to India. Audi is a German premium luxury carmaker. We have tons of Audi models in India for a long time. Similarly, Audi is quite popular in UAE as well. For this video, the popular vlogger has gotten in touch with an Indian who has been living in Dubai for more than 5 years. He shares his experience of buying and maintaining an Audi Q5. Let us take a look at the details here.

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Cost of Audi Q5 in Dubai

The video has been uploaded by Arun Panwar on YouTube. He interacts with the owner of the 2015 Audi Q5, Rahul Negi from Uttarakhand. The Audi is a used car that he bought for around AED 10,000 (approx Rs 25 lakh when converted to INR). Now the original model used to costs around Rs 60 lakh back in the day in India. However, if you visit the used car market in India now, you might be able to get it around 17 lakh. Therefore, it is clear that the cost of a used car in Dubai is quite high.

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Rahul talks about the rules and regulations regarding owning cars in the UAE. There are very strict rules which make the condition of even second-hand cars great. There are regular tests for service and maintenance. Therefore, even though this Q5 has been driven for over 1 lakh km, the condition of the SUV is still decent. Moreover, people drive a lot in the UAE as confirmed by Rahul. His daily commute requires him to cover around 250 km.

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Driver’s Licence in the UAE

Talking about the driver’s license in Dubai, there are a ton of complicated rules. Obviously, these are meant to ensure the highest levels of road safety. First, you need to study the theory regarding traffic rules and driving mannerisms in Dubai. Thereafter, you have to pass the practical driving test organized by the driving school. Finally, the government will take the exam after which you will get the DL. Also, the type of vehicle you are allowed to drive under a particular DL will be mentioned. There are separate DLs for manual and automatic transmission. People with MT cars are allowed to drive AT cars but not vice versa. Do share your thoughts regarding the same.

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Indian Vlogger Reveals the Cost of Audi Q5 in Dubai
Indian Vlogger Reveals the Cost of Audi Q5 in Dubai

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