Automatic Hatchback Cars in India Below 7 lakhs


Driving around the city these days can be a painful task; thanks to the over abundance of cars on our roads, especially in big cities, where the roads are choked throughout the day. It takes a toll not just on the driver, but also on your vehicle, its gearbox and clutch. Hence, it is no wonder that automatic cars are gaining popularity. No clutch, no constant manual gear changes make the drive a lot easier and less tiresome ensuring that you are a lot happier when you return home from a hard day at work. A few years back there weren’t many automatic hatchbacks to choose from, but if you do a bit of research now you’ll realise there’s a lot to choose from. A rise in demand and the advent of new tech, such as the AMT offered by Maruti have made them more accessible. Here’s a complete list of all the automatic hatchback cars in India below 7 lakhs of asking price –

Starting from the cheapest…

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When the new generation Alto K10 was launched last year Maruti decided to equip the car with an automatic AMT ‘box making it the cheapest automatic hatch on sale in India. It looks decent and comes with decent interiors, something that was an issue with the older K10. It obviously isn’t feature packed which is not a problem considering its price and you still get all the essential features. The bigger 1.0 litre K-Series engine makes it fun to drive out on the highways and the automatic transmission makes driving in the traffic an effortless task. It isn’t quite as desirable as others in the segment but it is the only one that comes equipped with an autobox. At a claimed 24.07kmpl, the fuel efficiency is almost the same as the manual version and the AMT ‘box means that its only about 40,000 more than the standard car which is pretty good value for money.

  • Price: Rs. 3.90 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi)
  • Engine: 1.0 litre K-Series petrol (67bhp & 90Nm)
  • Transmission: 5-speed automatic (AMT)
  • Trims Available: VXi
Maruti Alto K10
Maruti Alto K10

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The Celerio is the car that started the AMT revolution, bringing automatics closer to manuals in terms of price and fuel efficiency. It also made us wonder why no one else had brought in the AMT till then. The Celerio reduced the price gap from around a lakh to less than half of it making automatics considerably more accessible. The car in itself isn’t the best looking thing around and its only the AMT that makes it special. It is roomy on the inside and the interiors are well laid and unlikely to divide opinion. The ride is very comfortable and the driving experience is decent as the gearbox is smooth and upshifts/downshifts without too much hesitation and at 23.1 kmpl the ARIA certified mileage figures are sure to attract us Indian folks.

  • Price: Rs. 4.35-4.65 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi)
  • Engine: 1.0 litre K-Series petrol (67bhp & 90Nm)
  • Transmission: 5-speed automatic (AMT)
  • Trims Available: LXi, VXi
Maruti Suzuki Celerio
Maruti Suzuki Celerio

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The e2o by Mahindra is the only only electric vehicle(EV) on this list and also the only EV on sale in India. Developed completely in-house by the company after acquiring Maini, the company that brought us the Reva, the car is a decent effort at a cheerful, cheap to run alternate fuel vehicle. Unlike it predecessor, the Reva-i, this one is a proper four seater and feels more like a proper car. The car has been awkwardly styled in an attempt to set it apart from the more common fuel burners which it manages to do quite well. The interiors are a bit more conventional with a few standout features such as the digital speedo and the touchscreen equipped centre console. In real world conditions the car has a range of around 75km and after a few quick calculations we’ve arrived at a running cost of around 66 paise per kilometer, that is Rs. 3 less than the most fuel efficient diesel on sale. The biggest problem with the car is the high asking price because at almost Rs. 6 lakhs it is very expensive for what you get. It doesn’t make much sense as a proper family car and most people will use it as a second car restricted to small runs not too far from home. If you have some extra money and want to do your bit for the environment then go ahead, get yourself one.

  • Price: Rs. ¬†5.96-6.68lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi)
  • Engine: Electric motor (19.85bhp & 53Nm)
  • Transmission:¬†Automatic
  • Trims Available: T0, T2
Mahindra e2o
Mahindra e2o


Not many people are aware of the existence of the automatic equipped Ritz and you won’t find many on our roads either. Since it was launched almost a couple of years ago, the Ritz automatic comes equipped with a 4-speed autobox and not the AMT doing duty on most new Maruti hatchbacks. Its the same gearbox that was once found on the A-Star and still does duty on the Swift Dzire. The Ritz is a good car overall, with decent looks, good interior space and a very comfortable ride combined with small, easy to manage dimensions. The looks might not be to everyone’s taste but that’s not the problem with the auto variant. Available only on the VXi trim, the car misses out on crucial features such as airbags, integrated stereo, etc. and still manages to be Rs. 92,000 more than the fully loaded ZXi manual. Rivals have better packages on offer and add to that the considerably cheaper Celerio automatic, buying a Ritz automatic doesn’t make much sense. A good car nonetheless which does its job well.

  • Price: Rs. 5.97 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi)
  • Engine: 1.2 litre petrol (85bhp & 113Nm)
  • Transmission: 4-speed automatic
  • Trims Available: VXi
Maruti Suzuki Ritz
Maruti Suzuki Ritz

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Hyundai was one of the first companies to launch an automatic hatchback in India when they introduced the Santro automatic, followed by the i10 automatic. Both versions have been discontinued, their successor being the Grand i10 AT. The Grand i10 was launched in India to fill the gap between the i10 and the i20 and has been doing very well. Essentially the i10’s replacement in Europe, albeit with a more space in the rear, the Grand i10 does everything that is expected of it and does it very well. Its got a pleasing exterior which has been styled to suit everyone’s taste, a spacious interior which scores high on quality and comes packed to the gills with features. The 4-speed automatic transmission is mated to the familiar 1.2 litre Kappa petrol unit which is known for its peppiness. The Grand i10 is everything you want from an automatic hatchback and is priced well too.

  • Price: Rs. 6.22 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi)
  • Engine: 1.2 litre Kappa petrol (79bhp & 112Nm)
  • Transmission: 4-speed automatic
  • Trims Available: Asta
Hyundai Grand i10
Hyundai Grand i10

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Honda‘s cheerful little hatchback hasn’t tasted as much success as its competition despite being a great car. This mainly due to the lack of a diesel option which means that it loses out on a big chunk of sales. But it does come equipped with an automatic transmission, a 5-speed unit, unlike a CVT seen on most other Hondas. The ReBrio was always a brilliant city car thanks to its compact dimensions, comfortable, spacious interiors and a perky engine which, combine with the agile dynamics, make it a lot of fun to drive. Add to that the automatic version and what you get is the ideal city car. Sure it has its faults, the unique styling might not be to everyone’s taste, and the interiors are a bit quirky and a little low on quality, but it is one of the most complete automatic hatchbacks you can get your hands on today.

  • Price: Rs. 6.31-6.78 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi)
  • Engine: 1.2 litre petrol (87bhp & 109Nm)
  • Transmission: 5-speed automatic
  • Trims Available: VX, VX(O)
Honda Brio
Honda Brio

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The Micra facelift that was introduced in 2013 was launched with an automatic transmission widening the capable hatchback’s appeal. It comes equipped with a CVT, similar to the one Nissan uses on the Sunny, which the company claims is five percent more fuel efficient than the standard manual version. The facelift has sorted out most of the original Micra’s issues, such as the overly round styling which tended to appeal more to the fairer sex and the funky centre console which divided opinions. The front is looks a lot more aggressive and has worked wonders for the Micra’s appeal. So has the restyled, neater looking dash with the black piano finish centre console. What the car lacks is the involving drive of the Brio but this one is bigger and more spacious than the Honda and the fully loaded automatic costs just 20,000 more than the Brio. A great city car for those looking for the convenience of an automatic, but the price is a but steep and its not very involving to drive.

  • Price: Rs. 6.93 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi)
  • Engine: 1.2 litre petrol (76bhp & 104Nm)
  • Transmission: CVT
  • Trims Available: XV
Nissan Micra
Nissan Micra

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Automatic Hatchbacks 1

Which of these automatic hatchback cars in India below 7 lakhs of asking price would you like to see in your garage? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Why Rear Wash & Wipe system is missing on Brio I do not understand

    Ritz & Celerio Automatic is not available in ZXI trim Why I do not understand

  2. I am surprised too. Maybe to keep costs down since a fully loaded automatic would become too expensive.

  3. For those looking for safety features like Airbags and ABS, Honda Brio is the only good choice.
    Though the newly launched Celerio ZXI has Airbags, its only for the driver and not the passenger. Brio has ABS, EBD as well as dual air bags along with Honda’s service advantage.
    It is quite spacious and the right choices. Most automatics to cut their prices are removing the safety features which is not good. From Maruti for example, only the Ciaz automatic has air bags. None of their other modesl like K10 AGS, Celerio AGS, Ritz, Swift Desire have air bags. Grand i10 Asta AT would have been a good option but it also does away with airbags and ABS.
    The AGS options from Maruti (K10 and Celerio) though giving good mileage also have an underpowered 997 cc engine.
    My recommendation for those looking for safety, feature, quality would be to not look beyond the Honda Brio