Ola S1 Pro Undergoes Water Crossing Test- Will It Survive?

Ola S1 Pro might not be particularly well-known for its off-roading capabilities but let us see how it responds when it finds itself in that sort of environment.

This is a great video highlighting the real-life performance of an Ola S1 Pro over a water crossing. The YouTuber is clearly in awe of the electric scooter and wishes to share its performance with the world through this video. Ola has received a lot of flak over the last few months over its poor build quality and a ton of software and range issues. Nevertheless, it is the most powerful electric scooter with the longest range, at least on paper.

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Ola S1 Pro Water Crossing

The YouTuber is based out in a mountainous region. He takes his Ola S1 Pro around his farms and village roads. There is a small stream of water that is running on the road after the monsoon rains. Moreover, the land beneath is made up of small pebbles and stones and is not the tarmac road. He decided to drive the electric scooter in around 1-foot deep water. When he stepped into the stream, he was almost knee-deep in the water indicating the depth of the water. But eventually, the scooter didn’t let him down and he was able to pass through the patch of about 50 m in deep water without any issues.

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At the beginning of the video, he is also seen taking the bike on a slope testing its hill-climbing abilities. We must mention here that the YouTuber performed all these tasks in Normal Mode. The Sports and Hyper modes were not required for these activities which is, again, a testament to the performance aspect of the S1 Pro. The EV was always up for the challenge and exceeded expectations. Its powerful electric motor powered the Youtuber through every difficult terrain.

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ola s1 pro water crossing test
Ola S1 Pro Water Crossing Test.

We can only hope that Ola fixes all the other issues related to the electric scooter. Because apart from that, everyone seems to love this product and we have seen a ton of videos from the owners showcasing its brilliant performance in real-life conditions. However, we must urge our readers to not try such stunts with your electric scooter. It could prove to be dangerous and affect the components of your EV. Let us know your thoughts regarding this video.

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