Tips For Safe Driving Using Mobile Phones

Lets face it, we all use mobile phones more than ever before and while we drive, they can be a big cause of distraction. It is illegal to use mobile phone while driving in many states, but not everywhere. But many a times, we use mobile phones for navigation, taking directions while we drive and sometimes its just an unavoidable call which we have to take. Its best to pull over and stop the car before answering the phone call, but that may not be possible at all the times. In this article, we share with you some tips on safe driving using mobile phones while car without putting yourself or other’s at risk.

Use Car Cradle Mount

Car Cradle For Safety


Most common cause of distraction is while a phone rings and we tend to look at it. Many a times, phone’s inside our pocket or bag besides us. Even if we don’t need to pick up that call, but mere ringing of phone makes us want to check who is calling? For that we reach out to our pockets and bags which causes distraction while driving. Such distractions can cause accidents especially at high speed driving. such cradles are not very expensive and fit on the dashboard or windshield. Now when you get a phone call, and the phone is easily visible to you, you can take a better decision whether to pull over and take that call or just ignore the same.

Also if you are using GPS navigation on phone, you need not take your eyes off the road, just mount the phone cradle in such a way that you can look at the phone without taking eyes off the road and easily use navigation feature. We recommend you to buy one for your car too, you can order one online here.


Use Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Headset For Mobile Phones


In case you have to answer calls while you drive, which we do not recommend to as it can be really unsafe, using your phone directly increases the risk many fold as you have only one hand on the steering. Also locating the phone, reaching out to the accept call button adds up to the risk. If you must take calls while driving, do it in a safer way using a Bluetooth headset. You can keep the headset paired with your phone and keep it in the car, always keep your phone’s Bluetooth on and make sure they are connected before you start to drive. If you have your phone on the cradle in front of your eyes, you can easily decide to ignore unnecessary calls and pick up the important calls using Bluetooth. We still suggest you to pull over if possible even when using Bluetooth as it still causes some distraction while you talk to someone while driving. Buying a headset is not very expensive either, you can get a good one under Rs. 1000. You can order one online here.

Extra Tip (Optional)

samsung car charger


If you have long commuting times everyday and you drive long distances often, we suggest that you also get a good quality car charger. Why we suggest a good quality charger is because a poor quality charger may put extra burden on your car’s battery and also may cause harm to your mobile phone. You can get a good one Samsung branded micro USB charger which works with most smartphones by Samsung and other manufacturers (except Apple iPhone, iPhone car charger here).

We hope you found these tips useful. Drive safe and make roads safer. If you like our tips, do share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.