Cop’s Toyota Fortuner Impounded For “Thakur” Number Plate

A Toyota Fortuner owner went ahead and wrote “Thakur” on the registration plate. As a result, the SUV was seized and he was fined Rs 28,500.

The Indian government has become very strict about traffic offenses. A High-Security Registration Plate or HSRP has been introduced among many new changes. Additionally, it is a major offence to tamper with the registration plate of vehicles. You cannot customize your number plates anymore. A Toyota Fortuner owner learned this the hard way. Without any permission, they went ahead and wrote “Thakur” on the registration plate. As a result, the SUV was seized and he was fined Rs 28,500. Also, a ‘Police’ sticker on the rear windscreen could be a hint of the SUV belonging to a cop.

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Toyota Fortuner with Thakur Number Plate

As shown in the video above, this incident happened in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. Instead of the vehicle’s registration number, a Toyota Fortuner added their surname on the registration plate. Eventually, the vehicle was stopped at the Varanasi Cantt Thana check post. It was found that they replaced the registration number with a different plate that read “Thakur” on the back and “Fortuner” on the front. Even the windows had a black film. The owner did not initially cooperate with the police and did not have proper papers. As a result, the SUV was seized and a challan of Rs 28,500 was imposed.

SUV Seized For Writing "Thakur" On Toyota Fortuner Number Plate
SUV Seized For Writing “Thakur” On Toyota Fortuner Number Plate

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This is not the first time such action has been taken by the UP Police. Recently, Mr. Harshpal Prabhu wrote to the Prime Minister Officer (PMO) about the display of caste in the public. He mentioned that such displays create caste-based crimes on the roads. This letter went viral. Now, the UP transport department decided to act on it. According to a new order (made on 24th December 2020), the display of surnames and positions is not allowed on vehicles. It is to be noted that the law against a display of caste or position of power is already in the MV Act.

Hundreds of Challans Issued in Kanpur

Since then, numerous challans have been issued across the state. In the first case, a person in Kanpur received a challan of Rs 500. He was booked under section 177 of the Motor Vehicle Act. The vehicle of the RMO also had stickers on the registration plate. As per the police, repeating the same offense will invite a fine of Rs 1,500. Last year, the Gautam Budh Police station formed special teams to action against such vehicles. During a two-day drive, hundreds of challans were issued. The cops removed the stickers from the vehicles on the spot.

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High-Security Registration Plate (HSRP)

High-Security Registration Plate or HSRP was introduced by the Indian government to regulate the vehicles on Indian roads. The use of HSRP is mandated in most Indian states including Delhi-NCR. The high-security plates are tamper-proof. These are screwed to the car with a single-use bolt that cannot be opened again. Any vehicle without these high-security plates gets challans. While cops have seized many vehicles for using tampered registration plates, this was a bizarre case. The owner claims that a relative was just using the “Thakur?” plate for making Instagram Reels videos.

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