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With a population of 1.324 billion (2016), India is a vast country which is not only densely populated but is also a land filled with opportunities. For automakers, India has been a budget-friendly market for decades, but now things have changed a bit and demand for luxury and premium cars have increased to a certain extent. Demand for cars over 20 lakhs has increased due to the fact that people have started earning more money and cars have become a status symbol, rather than being just a mode of transport. So today we will discuss all the upcoming cars under 30 lakhs to keep an eye on. So let’s begin. For the ease of browsing and reading experience, we have divided this article into 3 categories.

upcoming cars under 30 lakhs

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Upcoming Cars under 30 Lakhs- Price between 20-24 Lakhs

The 20-24 lakhs segment is a favourable spot for automakers because a majority of people who are willing to pay more money for their car opt for this segment. This makes it a burdensome spot for automakers because the consumers demand more features in this price bracket. This price bracket is usually filled with SUVs and Sedans and our list is no exception-

Mahindra XUV Aero  

Easily among the more interesting upcoming cars under 30 lakhs is the XUV Aero. the Mahindra XUV Aero is a perfect blend of coupe and an SUV into one attractive package. The Aero is in a concept stage and it gets its design aesthetics from popular mid-size SUV coupled with a X6-like coupe-crossover design. The design for this concept car is a little ambiguous as some of us might like it and some of us might hate it completely. It is expected to launch in the neighbourhood of 20 lakhs and its specifications are-

XUV Aero 2018

Engine Type/ Displacement 2.2 L mHawk Diesel
Power 210 BHP
Torque 330 Nm
Transmission 6-speed Manual & 6-speed Automatic

Kia Sorento

Among the less known upcoming cars under 30 lakhs are models from Kia. Kia Motors is a subsidiary of Hyundai and is the second largest automobile manufacturer in South Korea, after its parent company- Hyundai Motor Company. It is planning to put a mark in the ever growing Indian car industry and for that, the company is pumping around Rs 7,050 Crore or $1.1 Billion to setup its 1st factory in our country. Kia will be launching a lot of cars in India in every price segment and for the 20 lakh price bracket, they are coming in hot with their Sorento. Kia Sorento is a mid size SUV that gets a real eye catchy design and a very bold stance. It has a powerful engine with a gigantic 70-liter fuel tank. The specifications of this car are-

Kia Sorento India Launch Images

Engine Type/Displacement 2.2-litre, E-VGT
Power 195 BHP
Torque 445 Nm
Transmission 6-speed Automatic

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Audi Q1 & Q2

Ingolstadt-based German car marque Audi is a well-known brand for its luxurious sedans and SUVs. Audi has a unique style statement and performance which sets it apart from its competitors. Its SUVs in the Q series is well known for its high performance, luxurious interiors and spectacular design. Audi has 2 of its least priced SUVs the Q1 and Q2 which they might launch next year and display the same in Auto Expo 2018. While the Q1 has fewer chances of coming to the Indian market, Q2 is more likely to launch in the Indian subcontinent and will be priced less than its cousin A3. The specification for Audi Q2 are-

Audi Q2 2018

Engine Type/ Displacement 2.0 L TDI Diesel, 1.4 L TFSI Petrol
Power 150 PS
Torque 250-320 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox) 6-speed Manual/7-speed Automatic

Skoda Karoq

Skoda-which is one of the highest profit making subsidiaries of its parent company Volkswagen, recently announced its new SUV the Karoq which will replace its Yeti internationally. From the images and the videos, the Karoq looks like a younger brother of the mighty Skoda SUV Kodiaq which will also be launched next year. Both the SUVs are expected to launch latest by mid-2018. The Karoq will take some design highlights from its sibling: the new Skoda Octavia and will be a nice addition to the Skoda India family and will be a good contender for the Indian SUV market. The specifications of the Karoq are-

2018 Skoda Karoq SUV

Engine 1.0 L Turbo Petrol, 2.0 L TDI Diesel
Power 148 BHP
Torque 340 Nm
Transmission 6-speed Manual/7-speed Auto


Gone are the days when TATA was well known for its Sumo and Safari. TATA is all set to enter the SUV market with a bang with their Q502 which will be priced at about 20 Lakhs which will make it the most expensive car that TATA has ever made under TATA motors. Recently, TATA Q502’s specifications were tested in a Land Rover Discovery body. The car is expected to get some design cues from its Land Rover cousin, the Discovery. The specifications for the upcoming TATA Q502 will be-

Tata Q502 Merlin SUV

Engine 2.0-litre Multijet II Turbo Diesel
Power 170 BHP
Torque 350 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox) Manual and Automatic

Upcoming Cars under 30 Lakhs- Priced between 24-27 lakhs

The 24-27 lakhs price bracket was once a little steep category in the Indian market but with the rapid expansion of our economy and our increased revenue, this price bracket is more feasible for the common folk. The 24-27 lakhs bracket is home to many sedans and SUVs but it also incorporates a few entry level hybrid or electric cars as well. So the upcoming cars under this price range are-

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Mitsubishi is one of the oldest Asian car manufacturers hailing from Japan. Currently, Mitsubishi sells only one two cars that are the Pajero which competes with the market leader Toyota’s Fortuner and the Montero. This scenario will be changed by Mitsubishi as it is all set to launch a few cars in India to revamp its position in the market. The Pajero Sport will have a unique design and will definitely change the design game for all manufacturers. The specifications of this car are-


Engine 2.4-litre turbo charged Diesel
Power 178 BHP
Torque 430 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox) 6 speed Manual and 8 speed Automatic

Honda CRV

Japanese car maker Honda in recent years has been a little aggressive when it comes to launching cars. The manufacturer is now ready to launch its new SUVs in the market which are expected for 2018. Among the upcoming cars under 30 lakhs from Honda is the new CRV which will be a 7 seater and will directly compete with the likes of Toyota and Mitsubishi.  The specifications will be-


Engine 2.4-litre iVTEC Petrol/1.6-litre iDTEC Diesel
Power 160 PS/160 PS
Torque 190 Nm/300 Nm
Transmission 6-speed Manual, CVT/ 6-speed Manual, 9-speed Automatic

Mahindra XUV700

Mahindra is said to be working on a bigger sibling of XUV500 to compete with the rival Toyota Fortuner. Hence, among the upcoming cars under 30 lakhs from Mahindra is the new XUV700. It will be based on Ssangyong Rexton 2018. In India, it will be for the first time that Mahindra will be launching a premium SUV. The specifications for the XUV 700 aka Ssangyong Rexton 2018 will be-

mahindra xuv 700- Upcoming Cars under 30 lakhs

Engine  2.2-litre Turbo Diesel/2.0-litre Petrol
Power  185 BHP/225 BHP
Torque  420 Nm/220 Nm
Transmission  6-speed Manual, 7-speed Automatic


It’s been 8 years since TATA Motors has acquired the Jaguar Land Rover (JLR). TATA has worked really hard to revive the British cars and has proven successful in doing the same. After acquiring JLR in 2008, TATA cars have seen a drastic improvement in the design sector as well as in the performance sector. Upcoming TATA Q501 will be based on Land Rover Discover Sport’s L550 platform and will give a hard time to the Endeavour and Fortuner. The specifications will be-

Engine 2.0-litre Turbocharged Diesel
Power 170 BHP
Torque 370 Nm
Transmission 6-Speed Manual; 5-Speed Automatic

Nissan Leaf

Nissan has been in a tough spot in the Indian automobile market, for a while. Its subsidiary Datsun is doing a decent job with its RediGo but Nissan is unable to live up to their international image when it comes to Indian Automobile market. So next year they might surprise the Indian Car Industry by launching their Nissan Leaf which as the name suggests, is an electric car which has a reputation in the international market.  The car is said to run for about 160-200 kms on a full charge and can go 0-60 mph in just 8 seconds. The car can reach a top speed of 145kmph and the major problem that the carmaker will face is the lack of charging stations all across the country. But we have some hopes that the car might be launched on Auto Expo 2018.

nissan-leaf-Upcoming Cars under 30 lakhs

Upcoming Cars under 30 Lakhs- Priced between 27-30 lakhs

The 27-30 lakhs price sector is a little demanding because in this segment a lot of entry level luxurious cars can also be considered by a consumer. The 27-30 lakhs segment has been an eccentric category because of a wide variety of cars. Here are the upcoming cars under 30 lakhs in this sub-segment-

MG GS mid size SUV

With General Motors exiting the Indian markets, it’ll be interesting to see how other automakers will react and SAIC is all set to launch its MG motor in India. MG brand hails from the UK and is a subsidiary of SAIC, which is a Chinese state-owned automotive design and manufacturing company. MG Motors will be launching many cars in India and for the under 30 lakhs segment they’ll be launching an SUV. The specifications of MG GS SUV will be-

MG GS SUV- Upcoming Cars under 30 lakhs

Engine 2.0-litre Turbo 4 cylinder Petrol and 1.5-litre 4 cylinder Diesel
Power 160-220 BHP
Torque 250-350 Nm
Transmission 6-Speed Manual; 7-Speed Automatic

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Hyundai Santa Fe 2018

Next year, Hyundai is set to launch a variety of cars and the facelift of the best SUV from Hyundai, Santa Fe. Santa Fe will receive a facelift and will feature a newly tuned 2.2-litre CRDi diesel engine. It is also speculated that this time both the 5 Seater and 7 Seater options will be launched and the latter might be called Santa Fe Xl or Grand Santa Fe. The specifications for the 2018 Santa Fe will be-

Santa Fe 2018

Engine 2.2-litre CRDi engine
Power 194 BHP
Torque 421Nm
Transmission 6-Speed Manual; 6-Speed Automatic

Genesis G70

Hyundai owned premium car brand Genesis, is all set to launch next year and in the sub 30 lakhs price segment they will launch the G70 which is a premium car with high performance. The new G70 will directly compete with luxurious sedans from BMW and Mercedes. The specifications of the car will be-

Genesis G70

Engine 2.0-litre four cylinder
Power 242 BHP
Torque 260Nm
Transmission 6-Speed Manual; 8-Speed Automatic

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Mitsubishi Outlander

The second car that Mitsubishi is set to launch next year is the Outlander. The Outlander will be 7-seater and will have a new design. It will be imported in India just like other Mitsubishi cars. The specifications of this car will be-

Mitsubishi Outlander

Engine Type/ Displacement 2.4 L MIVEC Petrol
Power 167 PS
Torque 222 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox) 6 speed Manual and 8 speed Automatic

Peugeot 5008

The French carmaker Peugeot is all set to re-enter the Indian automobile industry in 2018. Peugeot will come with as many as five new models for every price segments and is aiming at creating a brand image. Peugeot 5008 will be the best SUV offering from Peugeot and will have the following specifications-

Peugeot 5008

Engine Type/ Displacement 2.0-Litre Petrol and 1.6-litre Diesel
Power 180 PS
Torque 250 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox) 6 speed Manual and 8 speed Automatic

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Nissan X-Trail

Nissan will pull up its socks next year and will launch its Nissan X-Trail in India. For all the Diesel heads out there, sadly the new X-Trail will not feature a diesel engine and will have an electric motor instead. The specification of Nissan X-Trail will be-


Engine Type/ Displacement  2.0-litre MR20DD petrol with an electric motor
Power 148Bhp
Torque 207 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox) CVT Automatic

Volkswagen Passat

The German auto giant Volkswagen needs no introduction when it comes to car manufacturers. It is the parent company of Audi, Skoda, Porsche, Bentley and many others is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the history of mankind. Volkswagen Passat has been the company’s best offering in India under the Volkswagen label. Volkswagen Passat will return next year and will come with the following specifications-

new 2017 volkswagen passat

Engine 1.4-litre, 4-cylinder Turbo Petrol + Electric Motor (Hybrid), 2.0-litre, 4-Cylinder Turbo (Diesel)
Power 215 BHP [164bhp petrol + 113bhp electric motor], 190 HP
Torque 200 Nm + 400 Nm, 400Nm
Transmission 6-speed Dual-clutch Automatic

Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda’s second SUV, the Kodiaq for the Indian market is coming this year itself. Also, this is definitely one of the most important of all the upcoming cars under 30 lakhs. The SUV has an all new muscular design which matches perfectly with its great performing engines. The new Skoda will share design cues with its other siblings like the Octavia. The specifications for the car are-


Engine Type/Displacement 1.4 L TSI Petrol, 2.0 L TDI Diesel
Power 150 PS, 190PS
Torque 250 Nm, 350Nm
Transmission (Gearbox) 6 speed Manual/7 speed DSG Automatic

Renault Koleos

Renault with its Duster made a historic entry into the Indian automobile market a couple of years ago.  Thanks to its Kwid and Duster, Renault has managed to make a dent in the Indian automobile industry. Along with the duster, Renault also launched Kaleos back in the day, but unfortunately, the Koleos was not well received in our market. To change this, Renault is all set to relaunch a new and improved Koleos, next year. The specifications for the Kaleos will be-


Engine Type/Displacement 2.5L Petrol, 2.0 L Diesel
Power 170BHP
Torque 226Nm
Transmission (Gearbox) 6 speed Manual/7 speed Automatic

So, do you like our list of upcoming cars under 30 lakhs? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Stay tuned to Car Blog India for more such stories.