LML and eROCKIT to Sell Human Electric Hybrid Bike in India

LML, the erstwhile leader in the Indian scooter space, will produce and market eROCKIT, a Human Hybrid, in the Indian EV market

LML Electric has signed an LOI with eROCKIT AG to form a joint venture that will be responsible for manufacturing of an electric bike in India. eROCKIT is based near Berlin, Germany. On formation of the JV, the two parties will set up a mass production facility in the erstwhile Harley Davidson plant in India. The Hyper Human Hybrids will be then sold in global market, including in India. The duo will even develop a range of new products through the expertise of the German partner.

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The formation of the JV will not only provide LML with a new lease of life but will even bring a new category of electric two-wheeler in the Indian EV space, which, for long, has been populated with products that aren’t exactly exciting to the enthusiasts. The change that the bike promises to bring to the market could, in fact, even lead to faster adoption of EVs in the local market. Moreover, LML not just plans to industrialize the product based on German technology but also localize it completely to be FAME-II compliant.

The India-spec eROCKIT that will be sold by LML will even come with an additional throttle assist in order to comply with the CMVR homologation norms. Moreover, the bike will even have GPRS-based Telematics for an enhanced user experience. The pedal-powered electric motorcycle from eROCKIT runs with effortless pedalling and has a top speed of over 90 km/h. The clutch-free direct drive adapts to the pedal control. Basically, the pedalling from human is multiplied many times for a power-packed performance.

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“With this new jewel in LML’s crown, the technology strength, manufacturing prowess, and disruptive consumer experience that we stand committed to offering, will get a new dimension altogether, besides meeting the high level of expectations of our primary as well as secondary TG. This will be irresistible for the millennials too, who probably don’t have any experience of LML other than hearing stories of LML’s “ahead of time” products from their parents until now. LML’s pace of progress is truly beating our expectations and we can’t be any more satisfied as this is no small achievement by any yardstick,” says Dr. Yogesh Bhatia, the CEO of LML, commenting on the new potential partnership.

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