Tesla Semi Delivered to Pepsi After 5 Years of Delay!

Electric Vehicle (EV) News ยป Tesla Semi Delivered to Pepsi After 5 Years of Delay!

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  • Tesla commenced the deliveries of the electric truck, Semi earlier this month.
  • Pepsi became the first client of the Semi.
  • It had ordered 100 trucks back in 2017 when the electric truck was first unveiled.

Tesla has finally commenced the deliveries of the electric truck, Semi. Pepsi has become the first client of Tesla. It had ordered 100 units of the electric truck back in 2017 when the Semi was first unveiled. However, the delays in production caused issues for everyone including Tesla. It was thought that Tesla was too ambitious with some of its products which is the reason why the manufacturing of these electric vehicles took such a long time. The same story is being played out with Cybertruck.

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Tesla semi pepsi first batch
While Pepsi placed an order for Tesla Semi electric trucks in 2017, it’s only now that the first batch has been delivered.

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Tesla Semi – Electric Truck

Tesla, fashionably, has been tight-lipped about the specifications of the Semi. During the launch event of the Semi, Elon Musk focused on iterating how the Semi will change the future of commercial trucking in the USA and across the world without talking too much about the specific capabilities of the Semi. That is the reason why there are no clear stats regarding the power and torque output of the Semi. Also, there are no numbers with regard to the towing capacity or the weight of the electric truck.

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What is confirmed is that the powertrain includes 3 electric motors. One will be used for moving the truck on the highway and the other two will be used to accelerate it. That is the reason why Musk is so confident about the capabilities of the Semi as compared to the traditional diesel trucks. The cabin of the Semi is significantly different from the regular trucks in that the driver’s seat is positioned in the centre of the cabin to have a great view outside.

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Deliveries of the Tesla Semi Electric Truck Begin
The first batch of Tesla Semi has been delivered to Pepsi after years of delay.

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In addition to that, there are no physical buttons which is a trend that Tesla follows in all its electric cars as well. That will also help Tesla distinguish the Semi from the traditional trucks out there. In addition to Pepsi, UPS (United Parcel Service) and Walmart ordered the Semi from Tesla since 2019. Let us see how Tesla manages to ramp up production to meet the demand as the deliveries are finally underway. What are your thoughts on the Tesla Semi?