5 Best-Selling Car Brands in Canada at the End of Q3 2022

The auto market across the globe was in a bit of turmoil in the wake of the pandemic after which the semiconductor chip shortage and supply chain issues crippled the industry.

This article talks about the top 5 best-selling car brands in Canada. The automobile market in Canada contributes around 10% toward the GDP making it one of the most prominent sectors in the country. It is also a huge exporter of automobiles. Following the developments of the electric vehicle market closely, Canada is well on its way to embrace the green revolution. For now, let us check out the best auto brands in Canada as per the sales.

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5 Best-Selling Car Brands in Canada


Honda ranks at the 5th spot for Q3 2022. This is despite the prominent products like the HR-V, CR-V and Pilot SUVs making quite an impact in the market. Part of the reason why it is at the 5th spot is due to a massive stronghold that the rival companies have in the market.

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At number 4 is the biggest member of the GM Group, Chevrolet. The pickup trucks like the Silverado and Colorado are chief contributors to that success making up 54% of total Chevy sales. Canada is a popular market for pickup trucks just like the USA. Its colossal landmass and the need for towing luggage across various parts of the country lend well to pickup truck applications.

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The Korean carmaker has gained one spot from last year to establish itself as number 3. What is a promising sign for the future is the fact that 1 out of every 20 Hyundais sold was the all-electric Ioniq 5. The Ioniq 5 is the “World Car of the Year” and reflects what the brand has in store for the future of mobility.

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Toyota ranks second on this list. This is despite the fact that the sales of its premier products like the 4Runner, Highlander, Sienna and Tacoma witnessed a slight fall. However, Toyota products are known for their durability and reliability which keeps propelling sales in many markets in the world.

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Best-Selling Car Brands in Canada
Best-Selling Car Brands in Canada

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With over 15.4% of the total sales in the country, Ford features at the top of this list. It has many top-selling products in various segments like the Mustang, Bronco, Maverick, Mach-E and F-Series. The American carmaker has been on top for a long time as the Canadian market is almost similar to the home market of Ford, the USA.

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